Amazing Facts About Fashion Brands Are Only Focusing on One Color

Amazing Facts About Fashion Brands Are Only Focusing on One Color

At every Fashion Week last year, Valentino was all about pink. Paris, London to Milan; whether winter or summer; in 2022, Valentino means pink. From the runway, the hall to the famous La Carrot de Tampere pillar; Every Valentino event was decorated in pink. From the greeter to the ramp, everything was wrapped in pink. In previous years too, Valentino’s designs featured a variety of color combinations. Logo design was their main theme. But as soon as 2022 arrived, the color pink began to dominate Valentino.

The logo design aside, this one-color designer dress has revolutionized the fashion world, all thanks to Valentino’s new creative director, Pier Paolo Piccolo. Piccolo, along with his design team and color specialists, created a new shade of pink called ‘Valentino Pink PP’. This has become Valentino’s trademark over the past year.

Why are the big fashion brands of the world suddenly focused on one color?

Valentino’s hand has changed the entire fashion industry. Where earlier fashion houses used to present themselves with bold designs and color combinations, come 2022 the influence of completely monochromatic designs is everywhere. Let’s take streetwear brand Supreme. The bright red color has been their trademark since the beginning. From shopping bags, shirts to skateboards—their red influence is everywhere. Although earlier their designer products had variations in design, as the years progressed, the influence of color has increased in clothing.

Italian brand Bodega Veneto has been walking this road long before Valentino-Supreme. They have chosen green color as the brand color from Spring Fashion Week 2021. They have even trademarked their green color as ‘Bodega Green’. Bodega did not stop here. At the beginning of 2022, Google made its own app on Play Store with only green color. No brand logo, no brand name. The meaning is one, recognize us as such.

Amazing Facts About Fashion Brands Are Only Focusing on One Color

But what is the purpose of suddenly changing from logo to color in designer dresses? According to Emile Safin-Demers, editor at advertising agency Wonderment Thomson, color currently serves as a visual shorthand. In the age of social media, people want to adapt to everything quickly. That’s why it is a timely decision for the fashion industry to establish its own colors in the digital world.

Besides, there is no greater marketing than a certain color to attract people. Just as colors are easily embedded in people’s minds, logos are also more recognizable. That’s why colors are becoming more dominant in brand design than logos. At one time color was part of design. Gradually, colors are becoming the ‘face’ of fashion brands. One color dresses are taking the place of latest designer dresses.

Historically, many brands in the world are associated with their own colors. In modern times, they are making that color as their identity. Hermès has depended on the color orange since the beginning of their history. On the other hand, since 1845, Tiffany’s trademark is robin-egg blue. This color is so closely associated with Tiffany that in 1998, they trademarked this color as ‘Tiffany Blue’.

Suddenly, the big fashion brands are gravitating towards one color only?

New brands are also following the same path as the old ones. NFL star Tom Brady’s new fashion house Brady has chosen navy blue as its color. Choosing special colors for themselves from the beginning has not only increased their ‘brand value’, but also brought themselves closer to the target consumer. Every year a new trend hits the waves of fashion. Now it remains to be seen whether last year’s trend continues in the New Year.

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