Assessing Iran and Israel’s Military Capacities in 2024

Iran vs Israel

Iran and Israel’s

Ballistic Missiles: Iran has developed a significant ballistic missile arsenal, including short, medium, and long-range missiles capable of striking targets across the region. Israel also possesses advanced ballistic missile defense systems like the Iron Dome, David’s Sling, and Arrow, which provide a layer of defense against potential threats. Iran vs Israel

Air Power: Israel maintains a modern air force equipped with advanced fighter jets, such as the F-15 and F-16, along with reconnaissance and attack aircraft. Iran’s air force is less advanced but still fields a variety of aircraft, supplemented by surface-to-air missile systems and an emphasis on asymmetric capabilities like UAVs.

Naval Forces: Israel possesses a technologically advanced navy, including missile boats, submarines, and maritime patrol aircraft, capable of safeguarding its maritime interests and projecting power in the Mediterranean Sea. Iran’s naval forces are focused on asymmetric warfare capabilities, including fast attack boats, submarines, and anti-ship missiles, aimed at controlling key maritime chokepoints in the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz. gustpost

Iran vs Israel

Total Population:
Iran 🇮🇷: 87.6M
Israel 🇮🇱: 9.04M

Available Manpower:
Iran 🇮🇷: 49.05M
Israel 🇮🇱: 3.80M

Iran 🇮🇷: 41.17M
Israel 🇮🇱: 3.16M

Military Personnel:

Active Personnel:
Iran 🇮🇷: 610K
Israel 🇮🇱: 170K

Reserve Personnel:
Iran 🇮🇷: 350K
Israel 🇮🇱: 465K

Paramilitary Forces:
Iran 🇮🇷: 220K
Israel 🇮🇱: 35K


Defense Budget:
Iran 🇮🇷: $9.95B
Israel 🇮🇱: $24.4B

External Debt:
Iran 🇮🇷: $8B
Israel 🇮🇱: $135B

Foreign Reserve:
Iran 🇮🇷: $127.15B
Israel 🇮🇱: $212.93B


Total Aircraft:
Iran 🇮🇷: 551
Israel 🇮🇱: 612

Fighter Aircraft:
Iran 🇮🇷: 186
Israel 🇮🇱: 241

Attack Helicopter
Iran🇮🇷: 13
Israel 🇮🇱: 48

Land Power:

Tank Strength:
Iran 🇮🇷: 1,996
Israel 🇮🇱: 1,370

Armored Vehicles:
Iran 🇮🇷: 65,765
Israel 🇮🇱: 43,407

Self-Propelled Artillery:
Iran 🇮🇷: 580
Israel 🇮🇱: 650

Naval Power:

Fleet Strength:
Iran 🇮🇷: 101
Israel 🇮🇱: 67

Iran 🇮🇷: 19
Israel 🇮🇱: 5


Iran 🇮🇷: 319
Israel 🇮🇱: 42

Merchant Marine:
Iran 🇮🇷: 942
Israel 🇮🇱: 45

Natural Resources:

Oil Production:
Iran 🇮🇷: 3.45M bbl
Israel 🇮🇱: 0 bbl

Ultimately, comparing the quantity of weapons between Iran and Israel may not provide a clear answer due to the qualitative differences in their arsenals and the strategic considerations driving their military postures. Both countries prioritize defense spending and military modernization to safeguard their national security interests, contributing to the complex dynamics of the Middle East.


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