1. You should have your measurements taken by a professional. Most of our consultants have a fashion background and are trained in taking full body measurements. When your consultant takes your measurements, you should trust them, especially if they are familiar with the fit of the dress you selected. fashion blogger gust post

2. Shop early but not too early
It is never too early to start. Finding YOUR dress is the most exciting part of getting engaged. Look for ideas online or in bridal magazines before booking appointments. Trends change from season to season. You should give yourself at least 10 months before your wedding day, this way you will have enough time to see all the boutiques on your list without feeling rushed.

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3. Trunk Show
You might already have a favorite designer. You can get a sneak peek and try on the latest season collection before they hit the boutiques by attending their trunk show. Trunk shows featuring Galia Lahav Couture are the most fun. Our stand is set up in the penthouse suites of the Langham and Versace hotels in Sydney and Melbourne respectively. The bride and her guests can enjoy champagne and nibbles while they try on Galia Lahav’s elegant blogger gust post

4. Whom to Bring to the Appointment
With regards to welcoming individuals, pick admirably. Bring along individuals that will offer you the most accommodating guidance and lift you up. For most ladies we see coming through Timeless Wedding it’s their mum, sister, or dearest companion. Try not to bring an excessive number of individuals, since you actually need to save the dress an unexpected treat for everybody, in addition to your accomplice.

5. Sticking to Who You Are
This is similar to a central part of deciding on a dress. We’ve always said to our misters to stick to who they’re and stay within their personalities. Don’t change yourself just because it’s your marriage day. At the end of the day, it’s your marriage, and looking and feeling like your most natural comfortable tone is the stylish thing to do. Saying YES to the dress doesn’t come straight down to the utmost bridegroom’s and don’t get demoralized by that. Your yes moment will come, and it might come the coming day after you’ve had a night to suppose about it. Take that redundant night before saying yes if you need it and once you do a huge weight will be lifted. fashion blogger gust post

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6. Fit & Size
It may look like THE dress to you; you love the beading and the lace, but the sample dress might be too big or too small, making you uncertain of its fit. If a gown with a similar fit and shape is available in your size, ask your consultant to help you visualize the dress you love and encourage you to say yes!

7. Right Undergarments
Our philosophy at Eternal Bridal is that comfort is key, and it starts with your first layer. We recommend shapewear since it allows you to achieve a smoother silhouette and avoids all underwear lines.

8. Dress budget
Choosing a price range or budget for your dresses is an excellent idea. That’s how you’ll begin your search for the perfect gown. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of completing your alterations when considering your budget. Your consultants will be able to steer you in the right direction if they know your price range.


9. Consider the Location of your Wedding Ceremony
You should start looking for the perfect dress once you have decided where your wedding will take place. When it comes to photography, it is very important to choose a gown that will look harmonious with the surroundings. Choose a dress with a train and embellishments for traditional cathedral weddings. The church or cathedral space is usually grand, so your dress should be as well. Dresses with a mermaid or A-line silhouettes and lace details would be perfect for a garden ceremony.

Bridal parties in Australia can choose from so many beaches for their wedding ceremonies. Choose a gown that is light and flowy for a beach wedding because of the wind and heat. For a wow factor that would totally radiate on a sunny day, I would suggest a Galia Lahav Aelin gown with a shimmering silk tulle skirt. Consider the weight and fitting of dresses when planning an outdoor summer wedding. There is nothing worse than being overheated and uncomfortable.

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Best 5 tips to maintain a loving and healthy relationship

10. Travelling in the Dress
How far you have to travel from your “getting ready” location to the ceremony is a very important factor to consider. If possible, you should get ready at the same location where you are getting married. But if you do have to travel, choose a fabric that can travel well. Remember that your dress might get wrinkly while you are sitting in the car and it might ruin your photos. Comfort is another factor. Often wedding gowns are fitted like a glove and are impossible for long-distance travel. My advice would be to either choose a dress that is comfortable to wear or change it into your gown once you arrive at the ceremony location.

11. Choose Heel Height Before the Dress
Choose the heel height that will be comfortable and appropriate for you before searching for a gown. Prepare your appointment by bringing the shoes you picked out for the wedding or selecting something appropriate from your bridal salon. By doing so, you can visualize which gowns will look the best on you. Especially if your wedding is on the beach and you cannot wear heels.

12. Traditional or Fashion-Forward?
Brides often choose traditional and “safe” wedding gowns. Remember, however, that your wedding is a very special day and a perfect occasion to wear something extravagant. The red carpet awaits you. You can express yourself in so many ways while remaining elegant – through color, dramatic overskirts, semi-sheer fabrics, and 3D embroidery. Don’t be afraid to be yours. fashion blogger gust post


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