The art of painting around the world

The art of painting around the world

The art of painting around the world

Do you ever wonder what it takes? how does an artist create it? Is it artistic talent or a good eye for design? Do you think it can be taught? Many people believe it can, but let’s be honest: real art cannot be passed from one hand to another. It is an art form just like any other, but paintings require a level of talent that is unfathomable. Beginning with that first brush stroke up until the artist paints the last stroke… A unique piece is created by that… Art is about creation, and that’s what it is all about.

The artiste is the only one who can create a painting or draw that is unique. It is only she who can bind together her emotions and thoughts. No matter how it is described, it is still a painting or a work of art, whether it is decorative abstract art, original landscape, or original flower paintings. It is impossible to make an artist, it is impossible to create one. They paint as a way to display a piece of their soul and their histories… The world shares their stories through them. The art of painting around the world

Acrylic painting is a relatively new technique in the world of painting that has gained popularity among painters in recent years. Acrylic painting is so popular because of its characteristic feature that can’t be obtained with any other form of media when the paint and acrylic gel is mixed properly.

The art of painting around the world

The art of painting around the world

Acrylic paint that is done with it is similar to watercolor if the dilution is too high and the concentration of the acrylic gel is too high. In contrast to watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings are less likely to be damaged by water after drying.

Depending on the acrylic paint which is used, an acrylic painting can even resemble an oil painting and would be used for the same purpose as an oil painting or a canvas painting. The downside is that acrylic paint dries quickly and has less time to blend the colors, unlike oil paint. The acrylic paintings do not lose their durability or flexibility with age, even if they are old. Mineral spirits do not need to be used to remove the acrylic paints from the paintings.

Drawbacks of acrylic painting!

The art of painting around the world
The art of painting around the world

Despite its apparent ease, the acrylic technique has a few serious disadvantages:

Paintings made of acrylics need to be done with precision and expert hands. Acrylic paints dry off much sooner than any other color, which may be due to their nature. In these situations, the artists have little time to blend the pigments properly, and unless they know what color to use, it will be difficult for them to select the right shade after wasting a lot of color on the wrong shade.

To complete the painting as desired, we must complete the strokes on the texture at a tremendous pace, without the paints drying off in the middle, causing us problems. Paint blends by itself before drying up, which is considered rather problematic for most artists.

The process of acrylic painting produces paint that dries on the surface, making it really hard to remove. Various paintbrushes and clothes have been damaged for this purpose, which we must replace.

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