Why do we celebrate Halloween



The day is currently celebrated in almost all countries of the world. But in the Western world, Halloween is celebrated with grandeur. But many may have no idea what this Halloween actually is! Night of the Dead and Spirits Irish, UK, and Welsh communities believed that every New Year’s Eve (October 31st) Sahain, the god of death, and king of darkness, summoned all dead spirits. On this day all laws of space and time seem to be suspended and allow dead souls to join the world of the living.
You will be surprised to know that the history of this ghostly festival is more than 2000 years old. Many people think that this day may be celebrated as a ghost. In fact, the day is observed to commemorate the departed souls. You will be shocked to know the history of Halloween day!

Why do we celebrate world Halloween?

The word Halloween originated around 1745. It originated in the Christian community.
About 2000 years ago, Celtic people lived in present-day Ireland, England, and Northern France. The first day of November was celebrated by them as New Year or ‘Sah-win’. They thought it was the end of summer and darkness or the beginning of winter.
Surprisingly, the Celtic nation believed that the night of the last day of October was the worst. The night that all ghosts and unsatisfied spirits can harm people. And so members of the Celtic nation wore various ghost masks and clothes on this night.

Why do we celebrate world Halloween?


In the course of time, the ‘Sah-win’ festival of the Celtic nation is currently being celebrated as the ‘Halloween’ festival. There are many myths about Halloween night.
One such popular myth is that on this night the god Saman called all the dead souls to earth. A Halloween witch flies across the sky on a flying broom. Sometimes he knocks on the doors of different houses.
When did Halloween start?

What is Halloween, why is this festival celebrated?

It is known that the Halloween festival has been celebrated since the Middle Ages. The Celtic civilization spread across Ireland, Wales, the Highlands of Scotland, and the western part of France. Halloween originated from the ‘Sah Win’ festival celebrated by the ancient Celts.

What is Halloween, why is this festival world Halloween?

Halloween became a holiday in America in the late 1800s. At the turn of the century, children and adults alike started celebrating Halloween. Various events, sports, seasonal food, and festive clothes were used on this occasion.
Even now, there is no end to the debate in Europe about celebrating Halloween. Preparations go on throughout the month to celebrate the night. Apart from this, Halloween is also celebrated in Canada, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand in Asia. Even in Bangladesh Halloween festival is celebrated.

From attending parties in Halloween costumes to carving pumpkins, wearing masks, scaring, telling ghost stories, watching horror movies, and dressing up, everyone is busy during this festival.


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