What is the issue of weekend marriage or separation marriage

Why do weekend marriages and separation marriages matter

Japanese are mainly interested in ‘separation marriage’. What do you not understand! Suppose, your wife is in one house and you are in another house few miles away! Or two living together at home. There is no change in your married life after marriage! Again, you have no problem with your wife! Both are very happy! Both are also keeping each other’s news. Everything is going well. The marriage of newlyweds who are at a distance is called ‘separation marriages

You can call this marriage a ‘weekly marriage’! This is the custom of getting married and living separately. Although you are legally married, there is no one to report your every move. Currently, this strange marriage custom is becoming popular in Japan!

Separation marriages is when a couple voluntarily separates even though they are legally married. In this marriage, husband and wife stay together on weekends! But it also depends on the wishes of the newlyweds.

Article 752 of the Japanese Constitution clearly states something about marriage. For example-

‘Husband and wife shall live together and cooperate and support each other.’ The Act also states that temporary and unavoidable separations, such as going alone to a remote place for work or returning home for childbirth, do not violate this provision.

But separation marriage is different. Here the couples live separately with the consent of both parties. But why stay apart even after marriage! There are some positive reasons for this. Let’s know the positive reasons of Japanese separation marriages

separation marriages
Why do weekend marriages and separation marriages matter
  1. Taking time for yourself: After marriage, many men and women forget to take time for themselves. Separation marriage is an ideal marriage method for Japanese people to think about themselves. Besides, they can focus on their own work. No one influences anyone’s workplace. In a separation marriage, no one cares about anyone.


  1. Feeling less difference in values: When together, in most cases, differences of opinion will be caught and the mole will be the mole. Arguing over small matters is normal. Therefore, most Japanese today think that if they are different, there will be no possibility of quarrel between them even if there are differences in values.


  1. Freedom: Equality of men and women is widely spoken all over the world, but in some cases, women are still considered dependent on men in social norms. Therefore, so that marriage cannot have any effect on the freedom of men and women, the Japanese of this generation have introduced this strange custom for themselves. In this, couples do not interfere with each other’s freedom.


  1. Cost of living, if you have to stay together for the whole week in separate houses, the family expenses will increase a lot. In case of ‘Weekend Marriage‘ the cost of living is greatly reduced. It is known that many people are showing interest in this marriage due to this reason. They feel that this one day at the end  of the week, going somewhere together, going to a restaurant, spending time alone, strengthens the foundation of the relationship.


In case of separation marriage, a special day is allotted for the partner even if the whole week is spent as one’s own. The day they spend time together. Go for a walk or go out on a dinner date together. This separation marriage of Japanese is becoming popular day by day not only in Japan but also in other countries.


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